It is the goal of U.L.O. Consultants to provide the best service using the most appropriate technology, highly trained and motivated employees possible to the construction industry in Nigeria. In order to accomplish our goal, the management of U.L.O. Consultants endeavors to supply the company with the most appropriate equipment possible.

Every employee will be trained to accomplish the work that is set before him in an efficient and professional manner. He will be skilled in not only the normal operations but also in the advanced knowledge that comes from specialized training in his particular discipline. Each employee is provided extensive training on the safe operations and handling of the equipment that is assigned to him and is given the opportunity to train for any other position for which he is qualified. Each employee is fully trained in safety, health and environmental concerns so that his job performance can be without accident, delay or harm to the environment.

U.L.O. Consultants aims to provide a quality service with good value for money and the ability to give assured performance and delivery and continually strives to seek ways of improving that service. It has a number of programs in force to monitor and measure its performance and the client’s requirements.

Client satisfaction is the prime goals of all our employees, which can only be achieved by their professionalism and dedication to meet the needs of the client. s

We also continue to look for improvement in our services and those of our subcontractors to ensure that they meet with our quality requirements.

U.L.O. Consultants has the methoidology for BS 5750/ISO9000 in force and is currently working with a consultant to achieve requirements.

U.L.O. Consultants operates under a standard policy of total Quality Management [TQM] outlined in our “Quality Assurance Manual”. The directive of this manual mandates that a project Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plan be specifically designed for each project.

The essential parts of the U.L.O. Consultants Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plan include the following:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Project Procedures
  • Project Criteria
  • Quality Control
  • Subcontractor Quality Control
  • Documentation


Quality Assurance is the plan, which sets up the system by which project quality will be maintained. This plan is the policy for implementing and administering quality on the project.

Project Procedures are the means and methods, which are followed to ensure the project work, will be performed in accordance with the Quality/Assurance Plan.

Project Criteria are the standards all technical work will follow to ensure standard, consistent design decision-making. The project criteria will be established at the beginning of the job by the project manager in conjunction with the Project Engineers and Architect in each discipline. The Project Criteria is the guidebook for all design work to ensure uniformity of design and construction; this document is extremely important for all phases of the work include design, construction and future renovations or modifications.

Quality Control is the part of the Project Procedure, which describes the exact reviewing and checking methods for each of the various work tasks.

Subcontractor Quality Control will be maintained by requiring each subcontractor to prepare and implement his or her own Quality Assurance/Quality Control Manual. This manual will be reviewed and approved by the U.L.O. Consultants Quality Assurance Coordinator to ensure compliance with the Project Assurance Procedures. Periodic audits will be conducted of each sub’s work to ensure that the work is proceeding according to the Quality Assurance Plan.